Neil Welsh

Having known Damien for a long time and met his father on numerous occasions it took very little thought to agree to take part in the fund raising activities.

This was made even more relevant in the last few years when my own father (who has helped out on the walk before) was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer, he is now in remission so thankfully they caught it in time. Due to my father being diagnosed my whole family are even more behind the walk than ever, helping out as volunteers (however they stay in a lodge not camping!!).

In the lead up to my first walk I have played in the charity golf days and rugby matches at the start and when the opportunity came to take part on the walk I jumped at it.

As a teacher at Prince William School in Oundle, I have been involved in the walk since its second year and have been every year since apart from two. The participation by students from my school has grown since initially when I went on our first walk with only 5 students. It was such an amazing experience and to see the boys walking along Swanage seafront with pink cowboy hats on, collecting money and inspiring the idea of collection boxes.

I am very proud to be a trustee and was delighted when Damian asked me to join the group. The work done by the charity is amazing and the experience that it gives the students is second to none. I hope that it continues for a long time and as long as I am available to do so I will keep walking. Looking forward to the multiple anniversary walks, may be a stretch but I am sure the rewards at the end will be worth it.

Like Damian I hope that in time my little boy will join us on the walk and the generations can keep it going.

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