12 hours of Sport 2023

The date for the 2023, 12 hours of sport will be on Friday 10th March.

We are very keen to have as many schools involved as possible!

So far we have the following schools confirm as participants:

  • Ken Stimpson Community School, Peterborough
  • Ely College, Ely.
  • Thomas Clarkson Academy, Wisbech.
  • Littleport East Cambs Academy, Littleport.
  • Kings Ely, Ely (interested)

The format of the day is:

  • The event runs from 7am t0 7pm.
  • Students pay £20 to take part.
  • The students take part in as sports roundabout style event. The sports hall is setup with badminton courts, trampolines, table tennis tables etc.
  • The event is open to years 7,8 & 9.
  • Video links to previous events. Witchford & KSCS (both from 2019)

If you or your school is interested in taking part please contact us at themalcolmwhalesfoundation@gmail.com and we can talk you through the finer details.

Additional teacher info below.


School specific info:

Venue: We host the events mainly from the sports hall. Some of the activities go outside during the day.

Staffing: we rotate the (mostly) PE staff round throughout the day. As so many people sign up from Key Stage 3 we bring the remaining groups together to release staff to the 12hours. Additional staff from across the school are invited to join the day – before school, after school and during their PPA.

Activities: The sports hall is setup almost all day with trampolines, badminton, table tennis and basketball. Then at certain points throughout the day different activities are set up before returning the sports for all setup. Some schools invite external coaches in to offer different activities during the day.

Food: We allow the students to take break time at the same time as the rest of school, meaning they access the canteen for food.