10 hours of Sport 2023

The 10 hours of sport took place in the new Spring format. We moved from the usual December format to increase the likelihood of better weather, and for the longer days. 

That obviously led to the postponement as it was snowing, freezing and dark. Bravely though Hampton Gardens continued with their original date and managed to succeed with their debut in the event. Ken Stimpson and Ely College postponed to after Easter.


The days run in a similar way in each school with the Sports Hall being the central venue and the range of sports rotating throughout the 10 hours. A mix of football, Basketball, Badminton and trampolining set a fairly constant theme for the day.

At Ken Stimpson we worked with a slighter smaller group than usual with 150 students taking part, which was perfect. 

My highlight of the day was my victory in one bounce (two games in a row) over the the year 9 boys. As I said at the time I wouldn’t mention it again…



Unfortunately, there were only three schools this year as we have struggled to regain the numbers of 2019. But a big thank you to Ely, Hampton and Ken Stimpson for supporting the event, we hope next year to have a few more schools joining us. 

The event numbers were pleasing though, and with the combined effort across the three schools we managed to raise an impressive £3,000.  

The event will go again in 2024, the date is now confirmed for Friday 26th of April.