Sponsor an event

The Malcolm Whales Foundations’ is looking for continuous support in order to help run our fundraising events over the year. There are lots of different ways for you to get involved and support The Malcolm Whales Foundation.

One of the main costs that occur to The Malcolm Whales Foundation is the hire of minibuses and the purchase of T-Shirts for the Dorset Walk. Your generosity can help us maximise the money we raise from The Dorset Walk, which means more money can go towards supporting people with Cancer.

The minibuses usually cost in the region of £500 to use for The Dorset Walk (including all hire and petrol costs), whilst the T-Shirts usually cost in the region of £1000 per day (3 Malcolm Whales T-Shirts per participant).

If you are interested in making a big difference in the fundraising events we run by financially assisting us, please contact us via the form below