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Malcolm Whales was only 55 years old when he died. Malcolm was my Dad; he was a very active man who always lived life to its fullest. Unfortunately when he was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer, there had been no obvious signs. By the time he received his prognosis, the cancer had spread throughout his body, meaning he never really stood a fighting chance.

Anybody that has been affected by Cancer will understand the utter devastation that it leaves. The impact on my life has been beyond measure! I am desperate to honour my father’s memory and create something positive from my personal tragedy.

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From Kenya to Las Vegas it’s amazing to see where our t-shirts have been. We love seeing our logo travel the world so please take our t-shirts with you on your travels so you can add them to our collection!

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Massive thanks as always to our friends @TMWF_Dorsetwalk who have given us £3000 from the funds raised on the Non-Dorset Walk last month. This year’s donation will go towards the annual costs for the caravan and to help buy new composite outdoor furniture for the caravan

Thank you very much to the @MalcolmWhales & everyone that took part in this year's @TMWF_Dorsetwalk #NonDorsetWalk.

We are delighted to receive the £1 per person donation totalling an incredible £450 towards the #28NOTOUT Max Hunter Fund.


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