Meet our Ambassadors

The charity is currently made up of Trustees and Patrons.

We decided this year to add an additional tier to enable us to further recognise people that have made a significant contribution to TMWF.

There is no ‘exact’ criteria that needs to be met – just significant involvement and contribution. A good example would be having completed 5 walks and received the whisky glass.

Kelvin German


Working with TMWF gives the opportunity to reach out and help others, it is because as a team working together has made the charity so successful and I am pleased to be part of that team

The Read Family

Team Read really appreciate the opportunity to be Ambassadors for TMWF! A charity that has a very special place in our hearts. TMWF makes such a difference to all the causes they support as well as making a huge impact on the lives of the fundraising team!

We initially set out to raise money and awareness for TMWF along with challenging ourselves to complete the walk. We’ve completed two Non-Dorset walks and two Dorset walks. Once you’ve completed one walk your reasons for taking part expand! We find the challenge so much fun! We love the camping, the food, the great outdoors! We love being part of a huge team that is so diverse with people from all backgrounds. However, it’s an amazing feeling to be ‘All in it together’ while we are in Dorset. It truly is team work.


Damien is such an inspiration to us. He’s a great family friend and he never fails to amaze us with his dedication and drive to achieve more and help more people. Our conversations always lead to us wanting to contribute further! This year we held a number of cake/craft stalls to help raise extra funds and the response has been overwhelming. We never thought we could raise so much money and awareness. Not to mention our youngest Team Read member and the success of her handmade bracelet business! On a personal level we have found it all so rewarding, our small contribution really does mean a lot and is so appreciated. We’ve also found it slightly addictive and constantly thinking now of what we can do next!!!! We can’t thank TMWF enough!

Elise Ward

I first took part in the walk in 2018 a week after my Grandad had passed away after a battle with cancer. Doing the walk was an extremely difficult task to do but made me feel proud that I was helping people in the same situation as him, which is why the charity means so much to me.

Since this I have also taken part in the building of a garden in the cancer ward in Hinchingbrooke hospital, a farm fun day, a netball fundraiser, multiple 12 hours of sport and also the Dorset walk multiple times.

Sam Browning

I am honoured and proud to have been nominated and chosen as a TMWF Ambassador.

The first Dorset walk happened while I was teaching at Ely College. Because of my role, I was unable to participate for a number of years. One year, 2014 I think, the walk was changed to school holidays and I was able to attend and since then, I have attended every walk I have been able to: I’ve not missed many. 

I really enjoy seeing young people accepting the challenge of the walk and then overcoming physical and mental barriers in order to meet the challenge. Walking at the back of the group gives me plenty of opportunities to cajole and encourage on the uphill sections then see the look of relief and accomplishment when they reach the top!

Apart from the walking, my usual role has been as minibus driver, first for Ely College and then, after I left teaching, as minibus driver for the adults. The first walk I did was really tough, but each year it seems to get easier; maybe I just know what to expect.

Emma Trotman

What an honour to be asked to be an ambassador for such a worthwhile charity.

The charity does so much more than simply raise money for deserving causes; it also fosters a positive spirit and sentiment for participants and recipients alike which is difficult to measure.  Although the funds raised are so worthwhile to those who need it. The nature of the charity’s events – such as the Dorset Walk – challenge participants in a way they may not expect but certainly benefit from!

I’ve been on Dorset Walks, the non-Dorset Walk, helped out with the Woodlands Garden and taken part in a netball fundraiser and am proud to be a part of TMWF.

Naomi Lomax

I am delighted to be nominated as an Ambassador of The Malcolm Whales Foundation. My first involvement with the charity was attending the Annual Dorset Walk, back in 2015. Since, I have continued my my involvement and last year I completed my 8th Dorset Walk.

One of my favourite aspects of The Malcolm Whales Foundation is the community it has created, something I have had the pleasure to be a part of. I love seeing the charity grow each year. One of the best elements has been the opportunity to get new friends involved each year, some of whom have equally found a love for the charity and walk, and have continued to join us each year since.

Beyond my involvement with the Dorset Walk, I was also part of the team who planned and delivered the first Malcolm Whales Charity Ball, which celebrated 15 years of the Charity. I have always loved planning events, and had hoped for an opportunity to use these skills to raise money for The Malcolm Whales Foundation. The Ball last year was a great event and enjoyed by over 180 individuals. I thoroughly enjoyed working to deliver this event and I hope this is something that continues to be worked into the ever-growing TMWF events calendar.

Niamh Butler

What this charity means to me?

At first I saw this sign up at school saying let’s walk 40 miles in Dorset, that sounded easy enough, get some time out off school, let’s go! That first year we all thought VERY wrong! It was the most physically, mentally and emotionally challenging walk I had ever done!

Despite that being said, I have been apart of this charity since 2018, doing the walk, the Richard Marley netball tournaments and 12 hours of sports. We have made the best friendships, memories and laughs, and best of all we are doing it whilst raising money for cancer!

Dennis Smith

When Damien first introduced the charity to my school back in 2018,I was fully invested.

Having had personal encounters with cancer in my family, I wanted to do as much as possible to make people who haven’t experienced this more aware. I first signed up for the Dorset walk in 2018 and 6 years later… I’m still going strong!

I have also volunteered and participated in multiple events such as; 12 hours of sports, Richard Marley netball tournaments and The Non Dorset walk just to name a few.

Back in 2019 I helped create a respite garden in the cancer ward at Hinchingbrooke Hospital, this was an amazing experience and one I will never forget. This charity works so hard and I will continue to volunteer my time for many more years to come.


Jemma Thompson

I first signed up for the Dorset Walk in 2018. I knew it would be challenging, but like most, I think I underestimated just how much. Yet, it was such an amazing experience that I found myself signing up again and again, now as an ex-student.

Since my first walk, my involvement with the charity has become even more important to me, my dad having since been diagnosed with cancer. It’s such an incredible opportunity to be involved in experiences like the Dorset Walk and the Woodlands garden.

Being involved with a charity like TWMF is such a unique experience and it’s definitely something I don’t see myself stopping anytime soon.

Jack Slater

I am honored to be nominated to be an ambassador for The Malcolm Whales Foundation. I first became involved with TMWF in 2015 when I took part in the annual Dorset Walk.

Like many, I initially took part in the Dorset Walk as it seemed like a good challenge and a nice getaway with friends. Since then I’ve taken part in 7 Dorset walks and other events such as the 12 Hours of sport and golf days.

The community at TMWF is fantastic, not to mention constantly growing. Seeing people taking on the challenge and helping each other on the Dorset Walk to raise money for such a great cause really is the highlight.