12 hours of Sport 2022

Our sixth 12 hours of sport took place on Friday 18th March. After the last two events were cancelled it was brilliant to be able to return to the event en masse.

This year for a number of reasons we didn’t manage to grow the event beyond the 6 schools that participated in 2019. We are incredibly thankful though to Ken Stimpson Community School, Ely College and Littleport & East Cambs Academy.  Between the 3 schools around 325 students took part and £6500 was raised for the Foundation.

The day is a brilliant high energy day; getting back to normal was exhilarating, exhausting, rewarding and most importantly loads of fun. Thank you to everyone that took part.

Below are the words from Mr Bilson who describes perfectly what the event is about (KSCS does 10hrs of sport).

10 hours of sport, 10 hours of support

10 hours of sport is, of course, more than just 10 hours of sport. The Malcolm Whales Foundation 10 hours of sport is many things: 10 hours of fun; 10 hours of fitness; 10 hours of fundraising; 10 hours of friendship; 10 hours of doing something different; 10 hours of feeling good about yourself and those around you. In every sense of the word, it is more like 10 hours of support.

The 10 hours of sport at Ken Stimpson Community School happened to coincide with the loveliest day of the year so far. The doors of the sports hall were wide open, the sky was azure blue, and the bright sun lifted the mood of the 200 students taking part on the day. Netball, basketball, football, table tennis, trampolining, badminton, dodgeball: each area inside and out buzzed with enthusiasm and enjoyment. For hundreds of students, I don’t think there’s anywhere else they would rather have been on that day. And for some of them, I wouldn’t mind betting that they’d get up the next day and do it all over again!

What a great advert for the TMWF Dorset walk taking place in July! A chance for younger students who can’t go this year to look forward to the next. Members of staff and older students who popped into the sports hall were wearing an assortment of TMWF t- shirts from previous years which helped to promote a sense of shared purpose and group identity – the mainstay of any charitable organisation. It’s wonderful that so many young people can aspire to a pursuit that is essentially so selfless and yet so self-helping.

School can mean lots of different things for lots of different students at the same time. One way of looking at the 10 hours of sport is simply this: that for one day in the year, it can unify so many people in such a harmonious and joyful way. I for one certainly went home on Friday feeling uplifted and, if I’m honest, a little overwhelmed with happiness.

K Billson.


Lastly from me, thank you to Ken Stimpson, Ely College, LECA, Junior McDougald, Paul Gill, Becky Marley, Amy Daly, the PE staff,  the teaching staff who came down to support  and all the students that took part. Well done to you all.



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