Review 2020

As perhaps the most bizarre year of most of our lives draws to a close. The story this year has been a very difficult one for everyone. All charities have experienced real challenges with their fundraising as a result of the Covid pandemic. The statement ‘event cancelled’ has been issued all too often throughout the year.

The Malcolm Whales Foundation is a charity that thrives on bringing large groups of people together to achieve our goals. This hasn’t been very compatible with a year of social restrictions and the concept of ‘social distancing’. 

Sadly, the story this time last year was about the momentum we had built and our hopes for 2020. Some of our hopes included:

  • The 12 hours we had multiple schools participating and were hoping we would raise £20,000 in 12 hours.
  • The Dorset Walk was going to reach capacity with 400 people, could the walk raise £75,000?
  • Our a major donation was to be Peterborough Hospital with a £50,000 donation towards the refurbishment 

As I continue with the review it can’t be just about what didn’t happen; we need to remind ourselves of what did happen and ensure we always seek opportunity in everything.

We must celebrate that in spite of all of the difficulties this year we still managed to raise and give away over £30,000. There is always a way!

Fundraising Events

Sadly the reality of this year fundraising events was pretty stark:

  • The Dorset Walk – This was unfortunately cancelled due to Covid
  • Fun day – This was unfortunately cancelled due to Covid
  • 12 hours of sport –This was unfortunately cancelled due to Covid
  • Netball – This was unfortunately cancelled due to Covid
  • Badminton – This was unfortunately cancelled due to Covid
  • Listers BMW – This was unfortunately cancelled due to Covid
  • Upwood Primary Dancathon – This was unfortunately cancelled due to Covid
  • Upwood Cricket summer fete – This was unfortunately cancelled due to Covid

Successful fundraising events

As a result of the Dorset Walk having to be cancelled we decided to organise the Non-Dorset Walk. This was to become even in the face of such adversity, on of our biggest successes. The event was truly something special, some of the highlights can be seen below:

  1. Our biggest event walk – with 450 people – link to the report
  2. My intro video and 
  3. The end of walk celebration video
  4. The participants map

Other positives included:

Wilburton Cricket played a match against Ely City Reserves and managed to raise £327. Thanks to Dom Hunt and Joe Murfitt for organising

Al Uldead Air base £187.50 thanks to Tom McInally for supporting this and taking the #tshirtsontour to another country.

Donations made by TWMF in 2020

  1. Fruit Fly Collective £3500
  2. Lisa Leader £1000
  3. Hardship support for a young local family £250
  4. Move Charity exercise bands £1500
  5. Continued financial support for the Woodlands Garden – £500

As a result of raising £30,000 through the Non-Dorset Walks we were able to donate and support the following charities. 


  1. The Mintridge Foundation £450,
  2. After Umbrage £450,
  3. Myeloma UK £450,

The other recipients of #nondorset funds were: 

Additionally we lent our marquee to The Three Horseshoes Wistow throughout the summer to enable them to re-open within the restrictions.


 Next year

  • We hope to build strong relationships with our partner charities (new and old)
  • Make a big dent in the Peterborough Hospital 50k refurb!!
  • Golf Society – this should be launched in partnership with the Three Horseshoes Wistow
  • Walk number 13 – and the Non Dorset Walk for the second year
  • 12 hours of sport 4th December – more schools?

Additions for next year

Leaderboard Challenges

40 mile club:

  • Claire Kerridge – Lincoln
  • Alex Collard – The Dorset Walk
  • John Jones – London Sports Stadiums

Physical challenges

  • Neil Welsh – 3 half marathons in 3 days
  • Oscar Barter – 3 half Marathons in 3 days
  • Verity Fretwell – London Marathon 2019

The numbers as they stand at the end of 2020

Money raised in  = (2020 – £31,500),  (2019 – £73,000) (2018 – £40,000)

Total raised to date = (2020 – £286,500),  (2019- £255,000) (2018 – £182,000)

Trustees (8) – Damien Whales, Stuat Patman, Jack Edge, Jack Emery, Tony McInally, James German, Neil Welsh and Doug Bentley

Patrons (12) – Geoff Bonnett, Liz Whales, Andy Emery, Ben Gibbs, Chris Mathews, James Thorp,  Zoe Marley, Verity Fretwell, Jason Coe, Charlotte Fretwell. Jon Hutton*, Becky Hutton*.

  • Twitter – @malcolmwhales – 550 (467) followers, @TMWF-Dorsetwalk – 512 (504) followers
  • Facebook – @themalcolmwhalesfoundation – 1690 (1412) followers
  • Instagram – @tmwf_dorsetwalk – 563 (505) followers 

New Website hits –  2,377 users, 3,571 sessions. Thank you to everyone involved this year.



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