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Meet the Trustees and Patrons that help make everything happen. The group is made up from friends, family, teachers and ex-students who have all been touched by everything the charity has done and continues to do.

Meet the Trustees

Meet the Patrons

Meet our Ambassadors

A recent addition to the charity has been the inclusion of our Ambassadors. A ‘TMWF ambassador’ is somebody that has really committed to the the TMWF cause. The Malcolm Whales Foundation means so much to so many people.

We want to recognise as many people as possible who have and continue to support and develop the charity.

To meet and read about the people who have been nominated please click this link: Ambassadors : The Malcolm Whales Foundation (tmwf.co.uk)

If you feel that somebody has been missed off the list please nominate them via this link: NOMINATION FORM