TMWF Projects

Over recent years, alongside lots of one of donations and support, we have tried to create a different major project each year. Unfortunately the pandemic has negatively impacted on what we have been able to actually physically do.

Below are the projects the TMWF have managed to create:

2019 – The Woodlands Garden (link)

2020 – The Non-Dorset Walks (link)

2021 – The £25,000 giveaway (link)

2022 – The Malcolm Whales Lakeside Retreat (link)

We also have a small number of partner charites that we donate to annually:

  1. Edgars Gift
  2. The Frutifly Collective
  3. HCCN

Additionally, each year we make a wide range of donations to a wide range of causes and projects that are in line with our mission statement. Have a read of our annual reports here for more details.