Annual Review 2023

2023 was a big year for the charity as we passed several  significant milestones. 2023 was our 15th year of charitable events in the memory of Malcolm. Alongside this in November we also passed half a million pounds raised since my fathers passing in 2008.That means we now measure our impact and achievements  in decades and millions of pounds!

To celebrate all that has been achievement, we organised our first ever charity ball in August. This celebration event brought together so many people that had been involved over the 15 years, it was a fitting occasion and a superb way to look back at all that we have achieved and all that we have become. This video is a fabulous way to recognise what the walk ‘means’. 

Charity is ultimately about people, we move through life we find ourselves working together. The charity has become an example of what can be achieved when people come together. As I reflect on this year there are some wonderful examples of what people can achieve! This year we welcomed Zoe Marley into the Trustee team, Zoe first became involved in the charity when she was in year 10, now as a teacher she now organises the Dorset Walk for the school she teaches at. She knows first hand the devastation that Cancer cause as she lost her dad to cancer. As a trustee (and alongside her incredible family and friends) she will now help us build the charity bigger and better into the future years. 

Other examples of incredible people: in 2009 a group of secondary students stepped foot on the coastal path for the first time. 15 years later, 5 of the same students returned to complete their fifth walk. A much appreciated contribution, and what an example they set for the current secondary students. Thank you Nick Kyndt, Matt McInally, Lizzy Campbell, Helen Garrod and Olly Watts!

Again, on the very first walk, Stuart Patman joined me as a supporting member of the Ely staff, 15 years later as we walked the final stretch of the 2023 walk we were in fact walking our 600th mile together! Thanks Stuart!

On a very personal level emotionally I appear to have ‘changed’. During my assemblies this year I was able to talk about my dad’s passing, with some of the sad details included, the big change was that they were delivered without becoming overcome with emotion; those of you who know me will understand what this means.

I am actually trying to workout what that means to me. Has it taken me 15 years to come to terms with my dad’s death? Have I stopped grieving (does it end?)? Either way it was first and I’m unsure whether I’m am sad or happy about it.

Events this year:

TMWF Golf Society 

There were only two society events and the annual Ely on Par event  this year. The winners were:

  • Spring: Damien Whales and Ethan Whales (our first ever tournament together)
  • Summer: Wayne Bradley and Michael Normanton

The Dorset Walk 

  • The biggest event we run and its 15th year.
  • 270 participants – Ely, PWS and KSCS
  • £60,000 raised
  • Shirt colours were: red, sapphire  blue and military green
  • Minibuses were replaced with coaches
  • The Beast Strikes Back
  • Dorset Walk Report – a good one, even if I do say so 🙂 

£perperson -a payment we make annually (£270)

  • South West Coastal Path (every year)
  • Hunts Community Cancer Network
  • Dereham Cancer Care
  • MS Society UK 

The 10 Hours of Sport 

This year the weather, initially, meant we postponed at Ely and Ken Stimpson, at Hampton they went ahead. A little disappointing that we only managed to get three schools. We go again next year and hope more will join us! It was, as always, a brilliant fundraiser and really enjoyable day for all those involved. A fabulous £6,000 raised!

The second Poolathon

On the 1st of December, Charlie and her team at the Three Horseshoes, Wistow, organised their second Pool Marathon. The 24 hour format where the pub team of Steve Tompkins, Colin Bradford, Leon Moxam, Mike Percival and Craig Fuller took it turns to take on all challengers for a small charity donation. Alongside that, Charlie ‘saleswoman extraordinaire’ sold charity merchandise to the majority of the residents of East Anglia. Their fundraising efforts managing to raise an amazing £2400, meaning over the two Poolathons they have surpassed £5,000 for TMWF!

Part two of this fundraiser was the Christmas Raffle, again for TMWF, which has raised an additional £870.

Richard Marley 60 celebrations

  • Richard would have been 60 this year. In September Zoe and Becky wanted to do something to recognise this and came up with the charity 60/60/60 – run 60 miles, cycle 60 miles and run 60 miles throughout the month of September. There was also the 115 CrossFit challenge.  Combined these two challenges raised £2000.
  • In October there was the annual Netball tournament which raised a further £3000. The tournament was won (fairly) by Gus’s Gals for the second year in a row.

The anniversary ball 

  • On the 4th of August the charity ball took place at Kings Ely school. 
  • The genius format of 10am to 4pm, Cream Teas and Hog Roast worked so well for so many people!!!
  • Superbly organised by the team of Jack Emery, Naomi Lomax, Tony McInally and Keldy Whales
  • The physical bar was donated by Three Horseshoes
  • Even though this wasn’t technically a fundraiser it still managed to raise £3000 (this included the buy Malcolm a Pint donation £720).

Fundraising efforts:

These included the following, there are lots of other donations that we receive throughout the year that aren’t included.

  • Rotary Donation (Three Horseshoes) – £100
  • Bishop Laney and KSA – £200 (separate Sports Events)
  • 10 Hours of Sport £5860 (Combined)
  • Read Cake Sale £777
  • Golf Tournament – (1) £255 (2) tbc (3) didn’t run this year
  • Ely Gold £460
  • Wistow Summer Fete – £750
  • Dorset Walk £60,000 (minus the costs of the event)
  • Summer Ball £3000 (including £720 from ‘Buy Malcolm a Pint’)
  • Todd Cheque £500
  • Richard Marely = Netball £1500, 60/60/60 
  • Watts SkyDive – £552
  • Jack Half Marathon = £470 
  • Poolathon £2400
  • THS Christmas Raffle £870
  • Christmas cards £156

Team Read from Wistow again raising over £2000 for the year, for the second year running

The total fundraised this year was £81,00

Donations and projects 

As with last year we have been saving for the Lakeside Retreat 2022/23 TMWF Lakeside Retreat : The Malcolm Whales Foundation Meaning there have again been fewer donations. 

  • The lodge fundraising has enabled us to get near £100,00 figure. This will enable 
  • £5,000 annual donation to Edgars Gift
  • £250 to a young man to help with his mobility and rehabilitation 
  • £400 to Crystal Winter Wonderland

The Community Charity Outreach (lending charity equipment):

  • Wistow pub used it some of their events
  • Upwood Cricket Club for multiple social events
  • Upwood Primary School – Summer and Spring fairs
  • Wistow Summer Fete – with the hurricane and Parish Politics 
  • Ramsey Football presentation day equipment donation
2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 2023
£40,000 £73,000 £31,5000 59,224 £76,125 £81,000
£182,000 £255,000 £286,500 £344,224 £420,349 £501,252


Trustees (8) – Damien Whales, Stuart Patman, Jack Edge, Jack Emery, Tony McInally, James German, Neil Welsh and Zoe Marley

Doug Bentley stood down from his position as Trustee and has become a charity Patron.

Patrons (11) – Liz Whales, Andy Emery, Ben Gibbs,, James Thorp,  Zoe Marley, Verity Fretwell, Jason Coe, Charlotte Fretwell. Jon Hutton, Becky Hutton, Doug Bentley and The Three Horseshoes (Charlie Drake). .

Ambassadors (16) – We decided this year to add an additional tier to enable us to further recognise people that have made a significant contribution to TMWF. There is no ‘exact’ criteria that needs to be met – just significant involvement and contribution. A good example would be having completed 5 walks and received the whisky glass. Our first ambassadors: Naomi Lomax, Oscar Edwards, Jack Slater, Becky Marley, Matt McInally, Nick Kyndt, Sam Browning, Dennis Smith, the Read Family, Niamh Butler, Elise Ward, Stephen Brown, Kelvin German, Rob Balchin, Emma Trottman and Jemma Thompson  






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2020 550 512 1690 563
2021 709 507 1839 611 2,790 new users

10,282 sessions

2022 742 489 1979 679 4,196 new users

5,876 sessions

2023 759 466 2107 741 2,832 new users

3,714 sessions 

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Looking ahead 

  • This year will see the creation of the Lakeside Retreat in early Spring and will see our first visitors in the summer. 
  • The Walk is already seeing high numbers of sign ups – this really could be the year of 300 plus! The 285 is very much under threat.
  • We have secured 10 places for the Cambridge Half Marathon, a first for the charity with a big oversubscription in terms of requested places!
  • Then what for 2024? We haven’t got a major project for 2024 and beyond, we have such a major focus on the Retreat we haven’t found the ‘next’ thing. If you are reading this and you have a suggestion – please share!

Next Year Dates

  • 10 Hours of Sport: Friday 26th April 
  • Dorset Walk : 11-15 July 
  • Cambridge Half Marathon – 16 places requested – 3rd March 
  • Golf Society: Spring 28th April, Summer 30th June
  • Ely On Par Golf Event – July 
  • Netball – Sunday 6th October