Annual Review 2022


2022 was a ‘normal year’, in that there was no global pandemic to deal with, and a full return to many of our annual events. The 10 hours of Sport, Dorset Walk, Netball tournament and Golf Society all going ahead without issues.

2022 ‘normals’ did include:

  • A July summer heatwave with temperatures into the 40s (thankfully starting the day we returned from Dorset).
  • The death of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • What would have been my dad’s 70th birthday in October
  • In February, Russia invaded  Ukraine and the subsequent cost of living spiralled upwards
  • Argentina and Messi have just won the World Cup.
  • It also saw the passing of Geoff Bonnett. Geoff was a good friend to my dad, it was their love for long distance walking that led to the creation of the Dorset Walk. Geoff was also a major help and support for me in the creation of the charity and became our first ever Patron. 

This year was the 14th year since my dad’s death, meaning next year will be a big year for the charity with the 15th Dorset Walk taking place

Our major project for 2022 was the TMWF Lakeside Retreat : The Malcolm Whales Foundation. At the point of writing this we have fallen £10,000 short of the fundraising for this, meaning we will extend fundraising into 2023. Very positively, after months of waiting, we have just received the planning permission for the lodge and will now be able to move into the next stage of planning. 

This year’s events:

The Dorset Walk 

  • The 14th Dorset Walk
  • 285 participants £58,175 raised. 
  • The new Marquee and ‘silent’ generator
  • 5 school sparticipated: Ely College, Ken Stimpson, LECA, Prince William and Orminston.
  • Shirt colours: Maroon, Sky Blue and Purple 
  • A growing number of ex-students; with the Peterborough contingent beginning to grow. 
  • The Reads (Wistow) raised an incredible £2,218.75 as a family! 
  • We held our second Walk Presentation Evening and the first since 2019.
  • The full write up for Dorset 2023 can be read here 

The 10 hours of Sport Friday 18th March

  • The 6th 12 hours of sport
  • Only 3 schools took part, 325 students in total – KSCS, Ely College and LECA (6 schools took part in 2019).
  • £6500 raised
  • Supported by Junior McDougald, Paul Gill, Becky Marley and Amy Daly.
  • The full write up can be read here

The Golf Society

The TMWF Golf Society launched in collaboration with the Three Horseshoes, Wistow.

3 events took place:

  • Pidley 2 man scramble won by Garney and Monagatti (46 pts)
  • Ramsey 2 ball better ball won by R Roberts and R Partridge (49pts)
  • Ramsey 2 man scamble won by M Hodson and S Tompkins (44 pts)
  • The TMWF society raised almost £4,000.

Additionally, Ely on Par hosted their second tournament for TMWF raising £1500.

The Richard Marley Netball Tournament

  • The tournament was held at Kings School Ely hosted and led by the amazing Marleys.
  • Marleys Uni team won, after a questionable finish that saw TMWF defeated; and Damien magnanimous in defeat (ish)
  • 20 teams the biggest ever 
  • £2000 raised, another record broken.



  • Golf Society
    • Pidley – £500
    • Ramsey – £3000
    • Ramsey – £460
    • Ely on Par- £1500
  • 12 Hours of Sport 
    • £6500
  • Dorset – £58,175
  • Non-Dorset – 400 (including Rock Solid Childcare)
  • Netball – 2000
  • Ukraine – £685
  • Pub donation pot – £260
  • London Marathon – £1305
  • Fishing – £500
  • Karen Sutton £120
  • Conquered Children’s Home -£45
  • Rotary Quiz – £250
  • Three Horseshoes Christmas Raffle – £300


There have been fewer donations from TMWF this year as we have been fundraising and saving for the Lakeside Retreat. 

  • £54,200 raised for the TMWF Lakeside Retreat (£65,000 target)
  • Edgars Gift – £5,000
  • Touch of Sparkle – £4,000
  • Lennox Children’s Cancer Fund – £500
  • BALM bereavement support – £500
  • The Sick Children’s Trust – £100
  • Cancer Hardship donations – £250
  • £perperson donations:
    • Shine Cancer Support £285
    • St Catherine’s Hospice £285 
    • Huntingdon Community Cancer Network £285
    • South West Coastal Path £285

The Community Charity Outreach (lending charity equipment):

  • The Queen’s Jubilee in Wistow and Upwood. 
  • Upwood Charity Ball 
  • Upwood Cricket Club end of season party 

Company Supporters

  • Mc Refrigeration Ltd
  • Parallel 
  • Liftec
  • Greys of Ely

Money raised 

2018 2019 2020 2021 2022
£40,000 £73,000 £31,5000 59,224 £76,125
£182,000 £255,000 £286,500 £344,224 £420,349

Trustees and Patrons

Trustees (8) – Damien Whales, Stuart Patman, Jack Edge, Jack Emery, Tony McInally, James German, Neil Welsh and Doug Bentley

Patrons (11) – Liz Whales, Andy Emery, Ben Gibbs, Chris Mathews, James Thorp,  Zoe Marley, Verity Fretwell, Jason Coe, Charlotte Fretwell. Jon Hutton, Becky Hutton.


Social Media





Facebook              Instagram         Website                        
2020 550 512 1690 563
2021 709 507 1839 611 2,790 new users

10,282 sessions

2022 742 489 1979 679 4,196 new users

5,876 sessions

Next Year:

  • We have been a little delayed with the lakeside retreat in terms of the fundraising in 2022.
  • I am hoping more schools will join the 12 hours of Sport in March to recover the numbers back to pre-pandemic levels.
  • Hopefully the lakeside retreat will be completed early in 2023. This means we will be looking for the next major project to support.  
  • As it’s our 15th year in operation I hope we are able to celebrate in style. Hopefully the walk will be record breaking in numbers of participants and money raised. The celebratory ball is organised for August. As the year develops hopefully there will be many more charitable opportunities.