The Non-Dorset Walk

(5th -11th July 2021)

Is an opportunity for people to get involved with The Dorset Walk in a much more accessible and flexible way.

You can walk/cycle/run 40 miles in a way that suits you. Last year, due to the Covid restrictions it meant that people had to take part a small groups, with their families and as individuals. It meant the concept of the Dorset Walk became much more accessible and flexible.

It was an incredible success raising £30,000 for cancer charities and providing people with a fantastic wellbeing opportunity. We had to do it again and at the same time as the Dorset Walk.

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The Non-Dorset Walk 2021

How to participate?

    • You can walk, run, cycle or ‘x’ the 40 miles.
    • The miles can be spread across an extended period of time or can be completed in one day.
    • The miles could be from your home or somewhere special to you.
    • You don’t have to do 40 miles – more or fewer is totally fine.
    • If you choose to camp like those in Dorset, that would be great. If you have more sense – sleep inside, in your own bed. It depends how far you want to go with the experience.
    • The suggested dates are Monday 5th – Sunday 11th July (the Dorset walk is 40 miles Friday 9th – Sunday 11th July)

Following the incredible success of the Non-Dorset Walk, we will again be offering this event in July 2021, it is a real opportunity for people and families to be a central part of TMWF challenge. This year it will be amazing to think that whilst we are trekking along the Jurassic Coast down in Dorset, hundreds of other participants will be ‘with us’ all over the country, and the world, as one big team.


If you are willing, please donate a suggested £40 per person/household (a pound a mile) via the JustGiving page.

The virtual map

Please make sure you add your postcode so that we can build the Google Map of Participants. The 2021 map is here. Last year’s map can be seen here


If you are willing please get sponsored – this sponsorship can be paid through the main site or as most people do, set up your own JustGiving page (supporting The Malcolm Whales Foundation)


We will be again offering people the opportunity to purchase a walk t-shirt. These are not included in the £40 and need to be ordered separately by clicking here

The most important rule of the Non-Dorset Walk is flexibility is the name of the game. Basically, nobody should be unable to participate – adapt the guidance to work for you and your family.

Where the money goes:

Each day we walk in Dorset we donate £1 per person to a different charity.  We will donate a £1 for every participant (Dorset and Non-Dorset combined)

Keep an eye on our social media channels to help us decide which additional charities we will be supporting this year!

We also support a range of different causes, many of which are one-offs. We also have a number of annual charities that we support.

Currently we are able to fund support for a range of different activities, including:

  1. Counselling for people diagnosed with cancer
  2. Bereavement support for children that have or will lose a parent
  3. Cancer research programmes
  4. A partner that provides physical activity programmes to support cancer sufferers
  5. A Wish charity that provides wellbeing gifts for people diagnosed with cancer
  6. In partnership with another charity, we fund 6 weeks worth of holiday time for families affected by cancer.

Alongside these, we have ongoing working partnerships with a number of Hospitals

  1. We refurbished the Woodlands Garden at Hinchingbrooke.
  2. At The Robert Horrell Centre at Peterborough, we have committed to provide £50,000 worth of support to refurbish the Cancer Wellbeing Centre.


Further Guidance

  • Walk 40 miles (or less), Monday 5th – Sunday 11th (or at a time that suits you).
  • Complete the 40 miles in any way you choose.
  • In Dorset we will all start walking at 9.30am Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
  • If you’re willing and able, camp in your garden that would be great.
  • Donate £40 per person or per household, this will be done through the Just Giving page.
  • Share as many images of you and your family taking part, and your miles /route;
  • In Dorset the walk ends with a sprint finish(!!) on Sunday afternoon. It would be great if you were able to replicate this.
  • The miles walked will count as Dorset miles. Individual totals will increase see link here
  • Wear a Dorset t-shirt if you have one. If you haven’t it doesn’t matter.
  • Follow us on social media
    • Instagram: @tmwf_uk,
    • Twitter: @malcolmwhales, @tmwf_dorsetwalk,
    • Facebook: Themalcolmwhalesfoundation


  1. Do I have to camp? No, only if you want to
  2. Do I have to pay £40? No, the suggested amount is £1 per mile, per person/household
  3. Can I set up my own JustGiving page? Yes, you can set it to “support” the Malcolm Whales Foundation
  4. Do I have to walk 40 miles? No, walk more or less that’s your call. The target is 40. It would not be a problem at all to walk 20 miles (as an example) spread across the week.
  5. What does organisation representing mean? If you are walking on behalf of a partner charity or a sports club etc. please enter the name below, if not ‘n/a’ is fine.
  6. How do I sign up and pay? Please fill in the form below and click sign up which will take you through to JustGiving to donate.
  7. Donations? You can donate more than the suggested £40, equally any amount is welcome. You can also donate and not walk. The link to the Justgiving page can be found here



To sign up for this years Non-Dorset Walk, please fill in your details below and then follow the link to our JustGiving page where we ask you to give a suggested donation of £40 (£1 per mile)

    Your name:
    Number of people from household participating:
    Contact email address:
    *Unless otherwise directed we will use this address to contact you in the future, you may unsubscribe to these emails at any time.
    How are you going to complete your miles?
    Your postcode (so we can place general location on our map)
    Name of organisation you are representing:

    Once you’ve signed up don’t forget to order your t-shirts here