report 2021

Another year of Covid, its ongoing impact, restrictions and continued unknowns.

We started the year with no doubt that the walk would go ahead, in the end we got there, just! As the year draws to a finish, and as I am sitting writing this, we are awaiting possible further restrictions with the new Omicron variant the latest concern.

2021 was the 13th year since my dad’s death; as result we now approach the 15th year milestone. Even in spite of the ongoing difficulties it is fantastic that I am able to report that  the charity continues to grow. In fact, perhaps what the charity stands for and provides have grown in their importance. 

Some of the highlights from this year have been: we got back to Dorset in July, we managed to get some of the events back on and we managed to surpass £350,000 raised! Unfortunately many did get cancelled – we go again next year.

As I look back there are a few additional ideas I would like to include:

  • We have continued the Non-Dorset Walk as an additional event running alongside the Dorset Walk.
  • Our digital footprint has improved significantly through Amy Dickman’s expertise.
  • We strengthened our partnership with Edgar’s Gift and increased our annual donation to £5,000.
  • Our second marquee was purchased following a year of ‘bubbles’ and the 2021 deluge in Dorset.
  • Opportunities for all was introduced as a concept. On the back of lockdown we increased our efforts to support families that are economically disadvantaged. Amazon helped kick this off with a £5,000 donation.
  • We commission an Impact Report trying to demonstrate the power of the Dorset Walk. 


I have have listed below how much we raised this year, how we raised it and who raised it. 

The financial starting point for money raised was £285,000

  • The 2021 Dorset Walk £50,000
  • Cambridge Charity Fundraisers Fishing donations x 2: £500 in June & £500 in November 
  • Great North Run – Jakes Wills raised £926  
  • A young supporter from Peterborough called Tommy walked through his summer holiday and raised £195 + £5 from his pocket money.
  • Tackle and Bates £500 donation from the shop collection tub. 
  • The Wilburton Cricket tournament hosted by Dom Hunt and Dan Muffitt £295 
  • The Ely On Par Golf Day £1103 
  • Jack Emery and Oscar Edwards ran the Cambridge Half Marathon £250 link 
  • The charity marquee came to the Three Horseshoes rescue as they had two marquees blown away. A couple from Wistow were holding their wedding reception at the pub, used the marquee and kindly donated £80.
  • Following the death of Debbie (from Wistow) Frank her husband donated £500 + £60. Debbie had received treatment at Hinchingbrooke and found the garden to be a massive help.
  • Ethan and Edward Whales’ school, Upwood Academy raised £169.85 through their non-uniform day. (May)
  • Tom McInally raised £250 by climbing Mount Kenya
  • Three Horseshoes Wistow raised £150 cash and the won £100 via the Rotary Quiz.
  • The third Richard Marley Netball tournament raised a record breaking £1000
  • Upwood Cricket Club £120 donation after they borrowed the marquee
  • Christmas Cards appeal £100 +  
  • The Three Horseshoes, Wistow #24hourPoolathon  raised £2559 + Gift Aid £145 
  • Abbey College Christmas Market £300
  • Opportunities for All Amazon £5000 + 500 others gifts

Amount raised in 2021 £59,224 (plus Amazon)

Total amount raised £344,224 (plus Amazon) 

Company Sponsorship and Support

Thank you to the following for their generous donations:

  1. St James Place Bank 
  2. Parallel £1000 
  3. Lftec 
  4. MC Refrigeration Ltd  
  5. Greys of Ely 



This year’s tour was somewhat limited for obvious reasons. We look forward to the shirts getting abroad, as I’m sure the people that intend to wear them are. 

This year’s destinations included:

  • Krakow
  • Morocco 
  • Lefkas Greece
  • Hay-on-Wye
  • Murcia Spain
  • La Manga, Spain
  • Fuerteventura 

Next year 

  • We expect to break the walk record
  • Netball will be back for its 4th year
  • 12 hours of sport from December moved to the 18th March
  • Lakeside retreat
  • Golf society
  • Badminton 
  • Planning for the 15th year and the first TWMF ball.

The numbers as they stand at the end of 2020

 Money raised in  = (2021 – (2020 – £31,500),  (2019 – £73,000) (2018 – £40,000)

Total raised to date = (2021 –  (2020 – £286,500),  (2019- £255,000) (2018 – £182,000)

Trustees and Patrons

This year saw Courtney Pettifor step down as a Trustee enable to focus on his Personal Trainer business, otherwise the support network remains the same. 

Trustees (8) – Damien Whales, Stuat Patman, Jack Edge, Jack Emery, Tony McInally, James German, Neil Welsh and Doug Bentley

Patrons (12) – Geoff Bonnett, Liz Whales, Andy Emery, Ben Gibbs, Chris Mathews, James Thorp,  Zoe Marley, Verity Fretwell, Jason Coe, Charlotte Fretwell. Jon Hutton, Becky Hutton.

  • Twitter – @malcolmwhales – 709 (550) followers, @TMWF-Dorsetwalk – 507 (512) followers
  • Facebook – @themalcolmwhalesfoundation – 1839 (1690) followers
  • Instagram – @tmwf_dorsetwalk – 611 (563) followers 

New Website hits –  2,790 new users, 10,282 sessions.Thank you to everyone involved this year.

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