2023 Poolathon

At 3pm on the 1st December the first ball was struck as the second 24 hour Poolathon began at The Three Horseshoes in Wistow.

The format was the same as the previous event (minus the head shave). The Wistow team of five would rotate throughout the 24 hours and play all challengers, for a small charity donation.

This year the team was made up of: Mike Percival, Colin Bradford, Steve Tomkins, Leon Moxam and Craig Fuller.

The quality of pool was strong and the tally of win/loses looked very favourable for the home team. Their ability to drink, eat and play pool without sleep was nothing short of spectacular. It didn’t go completely stress free they spoke of some serious troughs in energy and enthusiasm.

It will be very interesting to see who makes up the team should their be a third Poolathon.


The enthusiasm of Charlie is so integral to the event. She is the major driver and manages to create an environment where so many people want to be be.

Alongside this her ability to sell raffle tickets and charity merchandise means that everybody in Cambridgeshire now owns a charity hoody!


The event is so successful because of the people that come and support. The support from Wistow as a village makes the event very community focussed. Throughout, the visitors from the local area and beyond really made a difference. Thank you to everyone that visited whatever the hour!

I suppose being a pub with food and drink available for 24 straight hours makes the sacrifice a little easier. This year there was curry from 10pm to 3am then breakfast from 5.30am! A highlight for me was a couple coming in to have their curry at the strike of midnight.

The Poolathon is one of my favourite events. Walking a hundred metres downhill to the local and staying as long as I can is something I can support.

That format worked for so many others as well, resulting in and incredible £2400 raised! Thank you Charlie and the Three Horseshoes.