The Richard Marley Netball Tournament 2023

The tournament date was set for the first weekend in October, at the end of June which meant lots of time for teams to assemble. Some people took this more seriously than others, with some teams training together, and others only coming together the week before!

Two pools were created as usual, meaning two courts of netball playing at once, with the last court being saved for space for the cake and raffle stalls. There was a fantastic array of sweet and savoury treats, as well as a range of raffle prizes – the main prizes being a chocolate hamper and a cheese and wine hamper.


There were a number of serious teams who were in the tournament this year, some who had gathered some experienced players and some who had personalised kits specially made. We of course had our usual fun teams, Team Ridicule came back with the aim to win at least one game (which they sadly didn’t quite manage). The final this year was a close one, it saw the reigning champions Gus’ Gals vs. The Queens who were in their pink uniform. Unfortunately The Queens just missed out on the win, with Gus’ Gals taking the
win for another year. The final total for the day was £1500 which is fantastic! It is so amazing to be able to raise so much money in memory of our amazing dad, for an amazing charity. Roll on 2024!