Jack Edge

I started to get involved with The Malcolm Whales Foundation in their 7th year having watched them grow from a far for the first 6 years as I knew a number of people involved and Damien who has been a teacher and rugby coach to me over the years. Occasionally making donations to support their various fundraising events.

I was keen to get involved because it was clear to me that everyone at The Malcolm Whales Foundation worked so hard to ensure as much of the money they raised went to help those affected by cancer.

After two years attending the walks as a volunteer Damien asked me to become a trustee. It was an honour but most importantly I couldn’t wait to have more involvement in the charity.

What I love most is the amazing way I honestly feel that we raise awareness. There aren’t many fundraising events that provide fundraisers an opportunity to meet those their efforts have a direct impact on. To see them taking part in this tough fundraiser and share their stories with the others taking part is really something special, raising awareness in a way I haven’t seen before.

I can’t wait to continue to work with the Foundation, watch us grow and most importantly continue to help those living with Cancer.

Outside of TMWF I work for the NHS while also holding a voluntary role at Huntingdon Rugby club. I am a keen golfer and skier although I don’t get to do either of those things nearly as much as I would like.

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