Damien Whales

I am so proud to be the chairman and founder of the Foundation. Malcolm was my dad, unfortunately it took his death for this amazing charity to be created.

I am a teacher in Peterborough and through working in schools I have been able to introduce and involve hundreds of young people to the positivity of charity work. I am an extremely keen sportsman, with my biggest passions being Rugby and Golf. As the coach of Huntingdon Rugby Club, I have close links to Huntingdonshire, where I am constantly on the look out for participants, sponsors and causes to support.

As a parent of three, I am so excited that one day all three of my boys will walk alongside me and complete the walk in memory of my dad, their grandad.

I thank you in advance for any support you have provided. Let’s hope the charity continues to grow and continues to impact positively on many more people in the years and decades to come.

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