Jon and Becky Hutton

We both became involved with the Malcolm Whales Foundation by our son Fraser taking on the Dorset Walk back in 2015.

We heard first hand how challenging and fulfilling the walk was to him and knowing Damien through Huntingdon Rugby Club, we were easily ‘cajoled’ into being volunteers. For the Dorset Walk, this involves us helping out with the camp cooking and walk support logistics such as water refill stops and lunch points. Cooking for a few hundred in a small tented kitchen with only gas rings is a challenge but having a professional chef as another volunteer makes it a lot of fun too.

Camping isn’t our favourite pastime to be honest, but watching the sun come up over the camp as we start to get breakfast ready at 6am is quite magical. We also saw first hand how some students from different backgrounds coped with the demands of the challenge, how they flourished where they had the opportunity and how the camaraderie amongst all the schools ensured their own success. It struck us throughout that here were students, some emerging from tough childhoods, doing their best to help those that needed it more. We hadn’t appreciated they would educate us as we saw and heard another view of some parts of life and for that we will be eternally grateful.

Being asked to be Patrons is humbling and we are very proud to be part of this Charity and what it achieves and those it helps. It is truly inspiring.