Jason Coe

It is a real honour for me to become a patron for the Malcolm Whales Foundation.

My journey started 9 years ago, as a young NQT sat next to Damien on the long journey to Dorset from Ely. I have since shared in the immense pride and joy at seeing so many people challenge themselves on the Dorest walk. Whilst this spectacle underpins the immense commitment and dedication of those involved in the Charity, there are a number of other events the charity organises that continue to drive it forward, including the 12 hours of sport and other charitable days.

As a teacher the unique element for me is this charity is largely driven by the energy of young people. It is their drive and enthusiasm that continues to help the charity grow. I am in a unique position to help foster a culture where more individuals can contribute and further grow in their own journeys to young adults. This work and commitment from young people goes back into projects that support other young children, who’s lives have unfortunately followed different paths due to circumstances outside of their control.

I admire the patrons and trustees commitments to the cause, their relentless focus and commitment to achieving something bigger and more valuable anyone alone could achieve is incredible.

As a patron, I hope that I am able to support the charity in developing future projects and support those already in place. The charities growth occurs due to the number of individuals willing to commit time and effort to raise money, or lend a hand with their skills and knowledge. I hope by sharing this message more people will be able to help the charity in its future aspirations!

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