Andy Emery

My name is Andy Emery, 56 years and being asked to be a patron was a real honour, although someone did say don’t you have to be famous..

My involvement started last year as my son Jack is an Associate Trustee and he first went on the Dorset walk in 2015 in year ten when at Ely College.

Now we all in the past have given time and money to Charity, whether it is in the form of a walk, running or other ways, but to actually get involved on the inside is a different matter.

After losing my mother in 2005 to cancer I always said that I must do something, well time and other things got in the way and this was not done.

So in 2016 I signed up to go on the walk, doing two days… The impact of those two days really did get right to the heart. On the walk we had all walking abilities of Children, some fitter than others, but no one gave up, no one moaned and these guys and girls all gave me the motivation to help raise money.

The money is for the younger generation that have a life in front of them to fight for, a will power to see the fight fought and won and for them to enjoy life as others do. Alas this is not always the case, but we don’t discriminate where funding goes.

We are all volunteers giving our time, and the money goes directly to the cause, no admin etc.

So I send out details of the Foundation, post letters and knock on doors to get those aware of what we are doing, so I line up the ducks and the trustees sort the rest of the details needed for the walk.

I could say I am lucky, I am fit, (I do half marathons and muddy races, run every week), and so is my family, but one day we may need help for a child or Grandchild.

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