Edgars Gift

Following on from the success of the Dorset Walk 2016, I was busy sharing the event on social media. Whilst flicking through twitter I stumbled across a charity called Edgars Gift. I immediately made contact with Neil Bradman the founder of the charity.

Whilst we were talking through what each charity was about, it became clear there were some incredible similarities between the two charities. Edgars Gift was created following the loss of a loved one. It now brings positives to people’s lives who have sadly been affected by cancer.

Most bizarrely Edgars Gift is based in Leicestershire, where my Dad lived. From the village, where my Dad lived. It seems impossible that over the years Neil and his family wouldn’t have crossed paths at some stage with my family.

In 2016, Edgars Gift were looking for a donation to help fund a holiday caravan. They wanted to create a place where families affected by cancer would have the opportunity to get away and have a family holiday.

We felt that this was the type of project that was perfect for us to support. As result we donated the final £4,000 for their caravan. At the point of writing this the caravan has just been purchased in Mablethorpe, on the Lincolnshire coast. The first holidays being planned for 2017.

We look forward to building further partnerships with Neil and his team in the future.

Update 2018 – this partnership has now become an annual partnership. TMWF now sponsors the 6 weeks of the school holidays at the caravan. Alongside a donation for wishes each year. Our current annual sponsorship stands at £2500.

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