The Non-Dorset Walk

This year, adversity has arrived in the form of covid-19. The result is the Dorset Walk 2020 will not be going ahead…in the usual way! This bizarre situation we find ourselves in,  provides an opportunity. The lockdown period has allowed one form of exercise per day and as a result, many people have followed this advice and have chosen to walk!

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Our goals remain unchanged, ‘to support cancer related causes and to provide positive experiences’. For the NHS there has been increased pressure and challenge on its services. The knock on effect has been felt across the NHS, which includes the cancer wards and their patients. In effect, they now need us more than ever. For TMWF this does not  represent a challenge – it is an obligation to help. 

As already stated, The Dorset Walk has been cancelled. It was due to take place over the weekend 10th-12th July, in Dorset. It would have raised £50,000 and involved nearly 400 people. Instead, we propose that we will all take part in the ‘Non Dorset Walk’ – plan B!

The Non Dorset Walk, may involve all aspects of the Dorset Walk, just at home. We would like to invite you to camp and walk as normal, just from home. The walking can take place over the same 3 days or across the week (if we are back at work). The target is still 40 miles (which will count as normal Dorset miles) over the 3 days.  Hopefully we will see you, your family, friends and colleagues getting involved. We ask, if possible, that you donate £1 per mile per person/household (£40 or more) to help make a difference. It would be devastating for the message to be that the Dorset Walk is cancelled with a £50,000+ loss. Our message needs to be a positive one – ‘let’s make a difference to the people who need our kindness more than ever?’

Depending on the social distancing guidance it may be possible to walk in groups from and to central venues. There are endless possibilities, we cannot wait to see what people can do. PLEASE invite as many people as possible to get involved. The event is open to anyone and everyone wherever they may be.

Each day we walk in Dorset we donate  £1 per person to a different charity. We would like to do the same for the Non-Dorset walk. The chosen charities for this year are:

1. Mintridge

2. Myeloma

3. After Umbrage

We also agreed to donate £50 to any charity that was nominated. Again, we would still like to do this. The nominated charities were:

Branching Out
Addenbrookes Charitable Trust
The Oliver Zangwill Centre
Breast Cancer Now
East Anglia Children’s Hospices
Nelson’s Journey
The Sick Childrens Trust
The Lawrence Home Nursing Team


Walk 40 miles (or less), Friday 10th to Sunday 12th July* (or across the week – whatever approach works for you));
• The plan is to divide the 40 miles** into three equal sections (i) Monday-Friday (ii) Saturday (iii) Sunday;
• We will all start walking at 9.30am Saturday and Sunday.Depending on work commitments the Mon-Fri 13.3 miles can be divided to suit individual circumstances;
• The route you take is entirely up to you.
• Current health guidance will dictate whether we can walk in groups, from central points etc
• If you’re willing and able, camp in your garden Thursday to Sunday;
• Donate £40 per person or per household this will be done through the Just Giving page.
Share as many images of you and your family taking part, and your miles /route;
• Complete the walk with a sprint finish(!!) on Sunday afternoon.

* the normal walk is 3 days of walking – Friday, Saturday and Sunday.
** the target is 40 miles, you can walk as many or as few miles as you like. It’s all about participation!


  • The miles walked will count as Dorset miles. Individual totals will increase see link here 
  • Wear a Dorset tshirt if you have one. If you haven’t it doesn’t matter.
  • Click here to see the location map of all the signed up walkers
  • • Follow us on social media Instagram: @tmwf_uk, Twitter: @malcolmwhales, @tmwf_dorsetwalk, Facebook: Themalcolmwhalesfoundation

Where is the money going?

• We have pledged £50k to Peterborough Hospital – we still intend to do this, it might just take a little longer.
• We intend to divide  the money raised from the ‘Non-Dorset Walk’  between cancer wards across the country.

Further questions?

Please see FAQs below or email
Facebook event page – link 


1. Do I have to campNo, only if you want to (I will be camping with 3 children under 10!).

2. Do I have to pay £40? No, the suggested amount is £1 per mile, per person/household

3. Can I set up my own JustGiving page? Of course please see the guidance here.

4. Do I have to walk 40 miles? No, walk more or less that’s your call. The target is 40. It would be not problem at all to walk 20 miles (as an example) spread across the week.

5. Can we walk in groups? We will all need to follow current Government guidance. (link)

6. What does organisation representing mean? If you are walking on behalf of a partner charity or a sports club etc. please enter the name below, if not ‘n/a’ is fine.

7. How do I sign up and pay? Please fill in the form below and click sign up which will take you through to JustGiving to donate.

8. Donations? You can donate more than the suggested £40, equally any amount is welcome. You can also donate and not walk. The link to the Justgiving page can be found here

The event has no hard or fast rules. We want people to come together (virtually) and do something fun and meaningful. If you don’t camp or walk 40 miles, it really doesn’t matter. We welcome participation in anyway that works for you.

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