Dorset Walk - Meeting Points

If you get separated from your group during the Dorset Walk there are a number of things you can do to re-join us.

  • First, check out the details for the day you’re on below and use the map directions/what3words (download the app) to see if you can pinpoint the next meeting place.
  • Second, please ring  07354 471048 to let us know you have been separated but are safe. We can help to offer guidance but please do be aware that signal is patchy in Dorset, if you can’t get through try again in a bit. If you can’t get through to us after trying again, reach out to us on our social media chat (Instagram chat/Facebook chat)
  • Third, if you are in a town or populated area, stay where you are until you have managed to make contact. When on a trail, proceed to that day’s designated endpoint. For Day 1, head to Lulworth Cove; for Day 2, make your way to Kingston; and for Day 3, the endpoint is Studland.
Jack Emery

Day 1 – Friday 12th July 2024

Day 2 – Saturday 13th July 2024

Day 3 – Sunday 14th July 2024